Partnering to share post-abortion healing

We are deeply grateful to the many individuals, churches, and organizations who spend time in prayer and contribute financial gifts to Rachel’s Vineyard Twin Cities. Your generosity shows the grace of God in your life, and we are so thankful!

When you give to Rachel’s Vineyard, you show the care of Christ for the grieving and hopeless. You help those who are on their journey to post-abortion healing. Thank you.

Special thanks to the following donors:

Due to the confidential nature of our ministry, many of our generous donors prefer to remain anonymous.

Rachel's Vineyard Twin Cities - Our Donors

We are also truly grateful for the support of the Catholic Services Appeal Foundation. In 2018, they added us to their list of the 20 ministries that they support. We have been featured in several of their appeal videos and articles, which also served to spread the word about our ministry.

Their support is spiritually significant, as it sends a message to our wounded body of Christ that the Church cares about them. As our participants heal from their abortion trauma, many become vibrant and active members of their parish. As we support post-abortion healing ministries, we send a message that all are worthy to receive Christ’s love and to participate in parish life.

We offer a heartfelt thank you to the Catholic Services Appeal Foundation.